Responsible Football Fans

Whether you yell “War Eagle”, “Roll Tide”, “Go Tigers” or “Go Dawgs”, football season is upon us. This Friday night Opelika High School will travel to Oxford to play Oxford High School. Tiger fans from Auburn High School will be in Enterprise this Friday night. Auburn fans will get to watch their team play tomorrow night as the AU Tigers take on the Kansas Wildcats. The game will be played in Manhattan, Kansas. In Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama will be hosting University of Florida for an afternoon game. Prior to all of these games, families will reunite over tailgates. With delicious food and old friends, some say this is the best part of the whole game. I encourage you to start the football season by making a conscious effort to recycling when you tailgate and during the game. I know you have developed this habit at home so don’t become lazy on Friday nights and Saturday. How do you recycle on college campuses? At Auburn University, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Department has placed over 300 recycling bins throughout the tailgate area and Jordan Hare Stadium. University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa has a similar setup. Prior to home football games, volunteers in bright green shirts will be distributing clear recycling bags. In our tailgate area, these bags are also hanging on the fences. During the 2013 football season, Auburn University collected 40.6 tons of recyclables. This is a 56% increase from the previous year. What can be recycled? Only aluminum cans and plastic bottles (preferably empty) should be placed in the recyclable containers. Glass and plastic cups are not accepted. The reason for this restriction is the danger in glass breaking and recycling programs in our area only collect plastics labeled #1 or #2. Recycling at football doesn’t just take place at the collegiate level. At Opelika High School, Club 23 pickup plastic bottles after all home football games. There are also recyclable containers located throughout the stadium. I know you, faithful fan, would never be the scrooge that leaves your trash scattered among campus, as if it’s someone else’s chore to clean up. The universities and high schools work hard to maintain their campuses. A lot of money is budgeted at schools just for cleaning up after fans. Many of the parking areas on college campuses handout garbage bags when entering. Why not throw one of your garbage bags from home in with your tailgate items to be used throughout the day? At the very least, place your trash together before leaving your tailgate area. When traveling to other schools to cheer the Tigers, Tide or Dawgs, make sure you clean up your area. Be mindful of other school’s campuses, regardless of where your allegiance lies.

Our area has many fun fall activities coming up. On Saturday, September 27, Auburn University College of Agriculture will host the annual Ag Roundup prior to the football game. The Lee County Fair kicks off September 30.

Yard of the Quarter Nomination Form

Please complete this form when nominating a yard for Yard of the Quarter Award

KOB Recruiting Vendors for Garden in the Park

Keep Opelika Beautiful is now recruting vendors for the 2014 Garden in the Park. All items sold are handmade or natural. For questions, contact KOB at (334) 749-4970 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Garden in the Park Vendor Application

Keep Opelika Beautiful is now recruting vendors for Garden in the Park. All items sold are handmade or natural. For more information contact KOB at (334) 749-4970 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Directions through Azalea & Dogwood Trail

Azalea & Dogwood Trail


Enter Trail at Second Avenue and Eighth Street

            (Trinity United Methodist Church is on the left)

Proceed down Eighth   Street, turning left on Fourth Avenue

Proceed on Fourth   Avenue, turning right on 10th Street

At the split in the road, turn right onto Collinwood Street

Upon entering Collinwood, turn left onto Collinwood Circle West

Continue, crossing Collinwood   Street

Turn right onto Collinwood   Circle East then left onto Collinwood Street

At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right

Turn left onto Ridgewood   Drive

Turn right onto Piedmont   Avenue continuing down the hill

At the Jackson’s Lake, turn left onto Laurel Street

Turn right onto Bonita   Drive

Proceed down Bonita   Drive until it turns in to Terracewood Drive (at curve)

Proceed on Terracewood Drive- Turning right at directional arrow and

Proceed up hill to turnaround in front of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newman’s Home

Enter once again on Terracewood by turning left

Proceed up the hill on Terracewood and turn left onto Lakeshore Drive

Turn right onto Shamrock   Drive

Once intersected with Bonita Drive, turn right

Turn left onto Victoria   Street

Continue on Victoria until the intersection of 10th   Street, turn right

Turn left onto 6th   Avenue and follow through the Historic District

Turn right onto 4th   Street after passing NorthsideSchool

Turn right onto 4th   Avenue

Continue until intersection with 8th Street and turn left.