We Recycle in Opelika


recycling in Opelika

Residents have two options for single stream (non-sorted) recycling in Opelika. Curbside is offered to residents for a $10/month charge. There is no additional fee for the container. Items collected curbside area: plastic containers, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans and steel cans. The other option is visiting a recycling center. The Jeter Recycling Center (675 Jeter Avenue) is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am-2pm. The Northside Recycling Center (600 8th Avenue) is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8am-2pm. Additional items are accepted at the center. Visit the City website for more information- www.opelika-al.gov

Students in Opelika City Schools are encouraged to participate in recycling at school and at home. All classrooms and offices are given the opportunity to have a navy desk side bin to collect recycling. Opelika Environmental Service collects recycling at the schools every other week.